Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Optimists Club

I don't know what to make of folks who list their cars for sale at exorbitantly high prices and then just keep them there.  And keep them there.  And just keep on keeping on.  For years.

Case in point: This lil fella has been on and off Ebay for at least a year - in fact, I featured it in my very first post of 2011.  And then I revisited it again a few months ago.  And, here it is, still on the 'bay, still hoping to get $8K, which is almost double what I'd expect it to go for these days.
Maybe the fact that this is supposed to be an actual circus car (with documented history? not mentioned in the ad...) is making the seller hold out for just the right buyer - someone who specializes in collecting circus cars.  And, you never know- that person could be out there.  He may just be waiting to sell an elephant to come up with a little extra spending money. 
Unique history doesn't explain the asking price on this '47 convertible which has been for sale for a good long while.  No question that it's a nice car, but is it SO nice that it's priced at about triple what a nicely restored Crosley convertible would usually bring?
Uh, no.  It is straight as an arrow, but it's got some sloppy bits (for nearly $20K you couldn't have done a better job on that emblem?) and it has none of the rare stuff: no Braje speed equipment, no chrome horn button (the clown car HS has one), not even a Crosley radio.  And, if the restorer left that stuff off because he was going for an exact stock 1947 resto, why carpet instead of the correct mats?  And, while I'm at it: crappy new tires?  For $19,900 I want Coker Goodyear Wingfoots!
But, hey, these are the sellers' cars to do with as they wish.  If they want to keep storing them, paying registration and insurance on them and keep buying a new battery every few years, more power to them. And I'll just keep scratching my head and linking.

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smitty said...

They probably don't plan on selling it. If you put it up at a high price, you can tell your wife it's for sale and if someone wants it at that price, why not sell it?