Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crosley Postcards

I'm a total OCD collector/hoarder type, but I do my best NOT to collect everything with a picture of a Crosley car on it.  I do pretty well when it comes to newer stuff, but I can't seem to stop buying old magazines with the occasional Crosley photo.  I do manage to pass up most postcards for the simple reason that I can save scans that look almost as good as the originals.  I thought I'd share a batch of stuff I've saved up... enjoy!
A Fine Car parked in front of a Superb Motor Hotel.

Crazy 'Art Car' that started out as a '51 or '52 Crosley.

Promo postcard for the 'Dashing' Crosley HotShot.
Prewar Pickup.
 A portholed super Sports... and then of course you need a stamp:

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