Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dog 'N' Suds Which-Way Crosley

I've seen a LOT of custom Crosleys, but this Push-Me-Pull-Me version takes the cake!  Photographer Jim Hammer posted some shots of the car(s) on his flickr page and says it was parked behind the Dog 'n' Suds Root Beer Stand on Sagamore Parkway (US 52) in Lafayette, Indiana.   From the bullet nose front it looks like it started out as a pair of late of late 1948s. According to the folks that commented on his pictures, the car used to be a driver and was built by the former owner of the restaurant.  Miller's pictures were taken nearly three years ago... anyone know if it's still there?


Jerry B said...

You can see the car from Google Maps satellite page

601 Sagamore Parkway South, Lafayette, IN


Ol' Man Foster said...

I just looked - You're right!