Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolution #1: MORE POSTS!

As 2010 was coming to a close I noticed that I'd averaged under 25 blog posts a year for 2009 and 2010.... that's quite a few less than I'd planned when I started this blog back in late 2008.  It's not that I haven't had ideas - there have been plenty of missed opportunities - I just haven't been making the time.  This year, one of my resolutions* is to make TWICE as many posts as last year!
And with material like this, lord knows it should be easy! Check out this flame-jobbed clown car from Florida on Ebay right now... looks like a pretty straight, early (1946!) sedan.  No running lights, even!  What could make this even better?....
 That's right, the matching 1950 Hot Shot, for sale from the same seller!  Pick this pair up and you can immediately become a contender for the Most Hated Neighbor Award!  I'm simultaneously charmed and horrified by the paint jobs... they are true corn, but have a genuine postwar hotrod feel, before Rob Powell's sleek flamejob style had been co-opted by every paint slinger in the world.
 These are supposed to run and drive, and are reputed to be actual circus cars.  Neither has hit reserve yet, but we'll keep you posted.
*My resolutions this year: 
Spend more time in the garage
Spend more time on my surfboard
Play more music with my friends
Get at least one of my Crosleys on the road
Make at least 50 posts on the blog!

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Ol' Man Foster said...

8500 bones for the Hot Shot? Somebody went nuts. Sedan stayed in more reasonable territory: $3764, although it didn't meet reserve.