Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crosley Trucks at Barrett-Jackson

Another Barrett-Jackson auction has come and gone and this time a couple of Crosley trucks crossed the block.

This nice 1947 pickup (a 'roundside' in Crosley parlance) was stated to have recently come from an estate.  From the few photos it looks pretty clean and straight.    The engine compartment is very tidy although the wiring should be cloth covered for a totally correct restoration - I'm sure this works fine, but it doesn't look nearly as cool. Same for the interior - clean and serviceable, but correct would be rubber mats and a Crosley radio.  That heater button in the center could be a little more period correct too.  Not sure what's going on with the gas filler but kudos to the restorer for finding a set of correct low dome hubcaps.
The car sold for $11,700, showing how desirable the pickups are - and how much more Barrett-Jackson folks are willing to pay than regular Crosley buyers.  I'm sure the seller was doing backflips when the auction was done - if not he should have been.
Also up was this "1948" Crosley firetruck.  There was a huge uproar last year when a different Crosley firetruck sold for something like $110K at auction, causing half the Crosley community to cheer and the other half to sigh in disgust.   I admit that I was in the disgust camp, especially after I really looked at the $110,000 Crosley.  The resto was mediocre at best and it didn't even have a Crosley engine!
This firetruck appears to be a nicer car than the $110,000 Crosley, although from the listing it sounds like it may be a homemade custom.  I'm not sure why it's listed as a '48 when the front end is off a '49 or '50 - I'd kinda hate to imagine cable brakes under this thing so let's hope it's a 1949 that was sold in late '48.

Sold for $22, 000, which is either a crazy deal if you compare it to the $110,000 firetruck, or big money when compared to what Crosleys generally go for. 

Thanks to John McKnight for the reminder!


Anonymous said...

Both Crosley's were nice. Pickup was semi custom body work. Non stock radio. Underside was just a driver condition. The Fire Truck was a Station Wagon cut down with diamond plate added. Underside was also just a driver. Someone made a deep sump oil pan on it by adding another Crosley pan bottom.

Ol' Man Foster said...

Interesting... I'd be curious to see that oil pan...