Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Bogus Lotus

Just a quickie post on a fascinating car I've been watching on ebay all week- the Bogus Lotus!

This was initially listed as a Miller Special, but from the mumblings from the west coast Hmod community, and my own eyes, I'm gonna guess that Don Miller didn't build this baby.
 For one thing, Hmod guru Joe Puckett didn't cite the car as a Miller when he included it in his Big Men Little Cars book, which the seller helpfully photographed.   That's not definitive - Puckett made some goofs in the book -  but I think Puckett and pals would have known if this car had Miller lineage.
 But really, who cares? It's pretty amazing, whoever built it, and the restoration is stunning.  I'm curious why they chose to paint the tops of the fenders gold, but that's a small detail.  Really the car is very tastefully done, and the copious amounts of detail shots the seller added late truly show off the finish and the little things, like the sealed bottom and the hundreds of holes drilled for lightness. 
The car is currently at just over $13,000 with two and a half days to go.  Reserve is already met, so this one's gonna end up in somebody's stocking this year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crosley-Powered HMod in Alabama - $800!

Just came across this Crosley-based Hmod for sale in Birmingham Alabama for $800.  It's rough, but complete, and at that price you pretty much can't lose.
I don't recognize the body, so it could be a one-off homebuilt, or a heavily modified version of one of the familiar fiberglass-body kits like Glasspar or Almquist.  It's claimed to be 61 years old which would mean that it was built in 1959- from the styling that date seems about right.
It's not pretty at the moment, but with some imagination and a lotta elbow grease this could be a real showstopper.  If it was closer I'd have already driven out to take a look.   Seller's number is 2O5 54O 7556.