Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ebay Watch: Pick Your Pickup

Not one but TWO Crosley pickups are up for auction on Ebay right now, ending an hour apart from each other!  You've got your choice of a nice runner (albeit featuring some unorthodox resto choices) or a 'some assembly required' car...
First up is this bright red '48 with what just might be an authentic 9634 miles on the clock!  The seller is the second owner, who completed the restoration in 1983 and has driven the car sparingly since.  This is the rare 'late' 1948 model (same as the one I sold last year) and it appears to be very clean.  Seller says zero rust and I'm inclined to believe him.
I just don't know what to make of the puffy seats/cover in the bed... I'm thinking two things: A) the Subaru Brat was an inspiration; B) parades were the target use... I can picture Miss Minnesota perched back there if the Vikings make it to the Super Bowl.
You might want to put on your shades for the interior shot - I haven't seen that much velour in one place outside of a Kustom Van magazine layout.  I can understand the seats, I can kinda understand the door panels but he totally lost me at the dashboard.  That said, you'll be the only one at the show with an interior like it.
Just under three days left and it's at $4094 with no reserve.

If you are one of those people who likes to drive a car that's all yours because you have restored every single thing yourself - then this 1947 roundside might be the truck for you.  Because it needs EVERYTHING.
Floors are gone, body is hammered, engine is apart (identified as a CoBra, it's actually a CIBA), wiring is out (or gone), doesn't roll... you name it, this needs it.  Wait, I take that back... the seller has spray painted the front axle, the horn and a few other parts.  When you're showing off your trophies for 'Best Restoration' you're always going to have to admit that you didn't paint that horn yourself.
But don't worry, it comes with the manual.

The truck is located in Utah, just like the one I bought last Summer.  Who knew Beehive State was a haven for Crosley pickups?  There is an, uh, 'optimistic' Buy-It-Now of $1600 and bidding is at $255 with the reserve not met...


Jerry B said...

Is the passenger side seat belt there to keep your passenger from bailing out when you reach 35 MPH in the red 48?

Ol' Man Foster said...

Red pickup went for $5265 with 20 bids. 'Assembly required' PU went for $305 with 8 bids.