Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crosley Rides Again!

 One of the reasons I started this blog was to give me something to do when I couldn't be working on the cars in my garage.  We'd recently moved into this house with its tiny, overstuffed garage, and money was tight enough that I couldn't embark on any of the big stuff my cars needed.  And they all needed big stuff.

So, I started a blog so I'd have a place to put all the mental Crosleying that was taking the place of actual Crosleying.  It's been very therapeutic!

Three or so years later, things have kinda reversed.  Now I spend way more time working on the blog than I do working on the cars, but that's mainly because I really enjoy blogging and also because it's a lot easier to write about restoring and driving a Crosley than it is to actually do it. 

That said, it's time to get back in the garage.  My work schedule is somewhat back to normal, my finances are, if not regal, at least regular, and I've managed to bump a wall on the garage out to accommodate some real work space. 

First order of business was to get the '49 vert running again.  It's been sitting for a few years now, battery dead, covered with dust.  I found FOUR wasp nests inside, telling me I'd really ignored it way too long.

I soaked the cylinders with penetrating oil, drained the old gas, got some new gas, gave everything a quick cleaning and bought a brand new 6 volt ($100 now - WTF?).  With a little bit of coaxing and a lot of starting fluid it fired up.  Unfortunately it doesn't want to stay running unless the choke is way out, so I need to figure out what's going on there.

Filthy, rough, and shabby...but, it ran!  more to come....


bkrsdoz said...

It looks and sounds great! Put that top down, and take 'er for a spin!

Ol' Man Foster said...

It needs some love before I hit the road- it only runs at a really high idle... could be timing, screwed up carb, something in the fuel line, or maybe just carb adjustments... but it needs sorting.

In other news, I left the ignition in the on position overnight, so now it probably needs new points and/or a coil too!

Did you ever talk to Mike about those parts?

bkrsdoz said...

Yes, He is looking for the same parts I am! He recently bought the parts cars & collection from a guy in WA. I had purchased a couple of prewar parts from the same fellow about 8 months ago. Small world. Mike has a Cushman truckster, and I collect Cushman motorscooters. Thanks for the lead, but he didn't have what I need. I'll keep looking.