Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Update: Another Zero Candy Crosley

Following up on my earlier post about the Zero Candy Crosley, indefatigable Crosley researcher Jolly MacLean sent over this ancient photocopy of a newsclipping showing the Zero Candy car... only this car is a Hotshot, not a Super Sports.  That means there were at least two Crosley VCs dedicated to promoting this brand of candy bar.

Hard to tell much else because the image is so degraded.  This car appears to have a few less googaws tacked on, although it does look like the rubber cockpit trim has been replaced with diamond tuck upholstery.

Jolly also says that 'Hollywood' was the name of the candy brand, but that the company was actually based in Centralia, Illinois... and if Jolly says it, I believe it.

Thanks Jolly!

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