Monday, May 7, 2012

Ebay Watch: Clean Original 1946 Crosley Sedan

I love cars like this '46 sedan that just popped up on Ebay: original, unmolested, clearly beloved.  It's amazing when any 1940s car survives in this kind of condition, but when the car in question was built cheap, sold cheap and designed to be run to death, survivors like this are almost never found.

Not sure on the story of this one.  Seller claims it is all original save for one same-color repaint (same as Mike Bainter's crazy original '51 sedan).  It sure looks right: stock '46 grey color, no running lights and correct Chinese Red rims.
Car shows an amazing 11,657 miles on the odometer, and that could explain how those 'pigskin' seats survived in this kinda shape.  Those tombstone-back front seats are early production - I can't remember when Crosley went to the familiar square-back buckets, but these are correct for '46.  Can that really be the original upholstery?... boggles the mind if so.
Look at that headliner.  I think I'm the only person on earth fascinated by the cardboard Crosley headliner, but I am.  How'd that thing EVER stay up there? (I know, I know - aluminum stripping is supposed to hold it in place.)  Seller says this needs replacing but I say HELL NO - this just needs some sensitive restoration.  Original headliners are pure unobtanium!
Back seat is as tidy as the fronts, and it's interesting to see the rest of the upholstery work as it came from the factory.  Most original Crosley sidepanels were probably dumped in the trash well before the Kennedy administration.
Motor is a CIBA, so the block was replaced at some point.  That's an early aircleaner- it'd be interesting to see if the crankcase number matches the approximate build date of the car.  That would indicate that the original tin block was probably replaced by the dealer, with the rest of the engine staying with the car.  No way to tell for sure - unless the owner kept the receipt for the switcheroo. 
Overall, one heck of a car.  Bidding just started at $2K with reserve not met.  This is an amazing relic and I'll be very curious to see where the bidding ends up.

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