Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Watkins Glen 1951: Seneca Cup in Color!

The Chicane posted a link to this great 10 minute movie showing the Seneca Cup Race at the 1951 Watkins Glen.  Most of the action centers on the duel between George Weaver in his Maserati and John Fitch in one of Briggs Cunningham's Ferraris, but there is plenty of other neat iron out there as well.  This originally came from Speed Vision, so you might want to fast forward past their intro... but don't go too far or you'll miss the only good* Crosley sighting: a nice shot of G. Vilardi's #4 Super Sport blasting by at about the two minute mark.
*Pretty sure I saw a black Hotshot in the background about a minute later, but the angle and distance makes it hard to tell for sure...

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