Monday, February 20, 2012

Two Wheel Driver Challenge: 60 Miles?

My pal Jon Von couldn't resist showing a bit of pride for his adopted home (France) after I posted the photo of a Crosley pickup being driven on two wheels yesterday. He sent along a note about French daredevil Jean Sunny who drove a Simca 95 kilometers (roughly 60 miles) from Versailles to Chartres! Being France, they didn't even bother to close the road!

Jon Von also sent a link to a short (12 minute) 1965 documentary on Sunny that features quite a bit of footage of the 95 km drive (starts at about the 7 minute mark). Unfortunately for me the flick is in French, but the auto action is universal - it's pretty rad to hear the Simca revving like hell as it rounds the corners. I couldn't figure out how to embed the footage, but you can watch it here.
Jon Von is a car nut of the first order, and I once tried to help him sort out some troubles with his Falcon wagon - he had the genius idea of buying a 45 year old car in LA, driving up to Sac for my wedding, flying his French bandmates into San Francisco and then driving the wagon across the US on a rock and roll tour. They got as far as my house before the electrical system fried and I remember that they did have to cancel at least one show. Mike at Barber's Shop got them going in less than a day and I think they made their Salt Lake City show on time.
I think that was (more or less) the end of their troubles and JV had the wagon shipped to Paris after their New York show - he drives it in French traffic to this day, although to be fair, only on all four wheels.

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