Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ebay Watch: Picture Perfect Project - 1948 Wagon

There aren't a lot of half-finished projects I get too excited about. There's usually a good reason that someone quit in the middle, and even if not, there's just too much head-scratching when you're surveying box after box of greasy, rusty parts.  It's bad enough when I'm the one who took it apart - it's another thing entirely when it was someone else.

This then, is that rare project that's actually appealing.  The seller of this 1948 Station Wagon appears to have begun industriously restoring the car from the bottom up (which seems like the logical way to go to me), so you get a powder-coated frame, wheels, axles, etc.  I also like that he had a plan to make this a usable car; he upgraded the frame, suspension and brakes to the hydraulic drum-brake era 1951 and later model - the best they ever made by all accounts.  I also like that he quit because he got not one, but two PreWar Crosleys - a valiant reason to move on as far as I'm concerned.
Unlike the mess of a hotrod project I wrote about last month, this project appears to be carefully organized and the parts are meticulously documented.  Seller estimates that the car is at least '95% complete' and I think he's erring on the side of caution; I don't see much missing.  In fact, there are multiples of nearly everything, like five new steering wheels?  FIVE?
Here's a fraction of what's there: "1951-52 Frame (Powder- coated; + springs and powder-coated front axle with new spindle bushings and pins); Torque Tube (powder-coated); ">Rear End Housing (powder-coated); Extra Rear End (like new gears); New Lower Tail Gate Hinge; New Window Channel; 6 Wheels (powder-coated in white); 7 Wheels (powder-coated in beige); 4 Wheels on wagon are also powder-coated; Door locks, hinges, and door hardware (ready to use); New rubber for windshield and tailgate; 3 extra torque tube drives; 2 extra steering columns; 2 complete engines; 1 transmission; 1 new starter; 3 used starters; 1 new engine block (with new standard pistons and rings); Several used blocks; Several intake and exhaust manifolds; 1 set NOS grill bars; Stainless steel rod and hood support; some new valves; New rocker panels; Front and Rear Splash Pans (new); Battery box (new);2 boxes of brake parts; New brake hoses; Master cylinder kit; 5 Rear Brake Backing Plates (powser-coated); 6 Front Brake Backing Plates (powder-coated);NOS locks with keys; NOS tailgate handle with keys; Repro ignition switch with key; 2 boxes of drive line parts (clutch, transmission, and universal);">New seals (front and rear axles); Glass hardware (NOS and repro); Emblems; New coil and voltage regulator; 1 radio and parts (needs restoration);  NOS speedometer; NOS instrument cluster; 1 box windshield motors (used); 5 new steering wheels (machined and ready to use);"

One bid at $3500... looks like it could be a good deal for somebody.


Dean said...

Gack! I suppose it's a good thing that I'm both up to my eyeballs in projects, and not rolling in money. The '48 wagon is my fave Crosley, and I'm not discounting ending up with one at some point, provided they don't shoot to the moon in value in the next 5 years.


Ol' Man Foster said...

Shipping all this from Virginia to NorCal would be a pain inna. I don't think you could actually get all those extra parts inside the car, so you'd have to ship the whole thing in a container or something. I think of this as a good deal for someone east of the Rockies, but I guess if someone were determined...