Friday, June 22, 2012

Always a Good Read

Just got the new issue of the Crosley Quarterly yesterday. This issue of CQ is packed (as usual) with interesting stuff, including the cover story- a German auto writer's take on Crosley history and his visit to Tim Freshley's Crosley farm, notes on Michael Banks' new Crosley book, updates on the regional meets, piles of classified ads and more. Editor Fred Syrdal does a great job putting everything together.

Reading through, it struck me how much I've relied on CQ to keep me connected to the Crosley Crew over the years. Yes, I've got the internet and I follow the Crosley Gang bulletin board most days, but there is something special about the official club newsletter... probably something to do with the feeling that as I read, I'm among friends, and all of those friends are Crosley kooks too.

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Dave Edester said...

I have 4 rims and tires for a Crosley car. Tire has 4-PLY 4.50-12 on it. Another tire has 4.80-12. All 4 have the Crosley moon hubcaps. I can send pictures. Make me an offer. They are from my Dads collection. 513-617-7503 Dave Edester