Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back on Track

Found this nice period shot of the Little Giant buried on a confusing Kodak picture-sharing site. Little Giant was a crowd-pleasing '51 Crosley B/Altered run by George Brazee from Watertown, Connecticut. The car took home plenty of trophies in its day and drag racing fans from the Northeast still remember it very well. Sadly the car hasn't been seen in decades and is presumed to be long gone.  I'm assuming the hood got swapped out for a '49 or '50 since it doesn't have the notch for the spinner.
I wish I knew more about the navigation of the site the photo is from - the Little Giant pic is in a KILLER slideshow of early and mid-sixties drag strip pics... but I can't figure out who took the pictures or posted them - hope they don't mind me using it here. If you have any fondness for early sixties hotrods be sure to set aside some time and check out the whole slideshow.

And a side note... wow, can't believe it's been almost three weeks since I made a post. I won't get into details, but life has been pretty hectic - some job changes and other stuff going on that's gotten me way off schedule. I think my life is sorta back on track so I think I can get back to my regular obsessive Crosleying....


bkrsdoz said...

You mean WORK comes first? Come on!!
Glad to see a new post.

Ol' Man Foster said...

It was the worrying about the LACK of work that got me!

Jerry b. said...

There's also another Crosley sedan drag car 4th picture from the end of the slideshow.
Jerry B.

d a v i d e said...

Amazing set!!
Thanks OMF!

I know way too well how life can get in the way of classic-cars-isms... I had to stay away from it for almost three months!! You got away fairly easy.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see some of my photos on your blog. Both were taken at Sanford, most likely in 1965.

Marty Ranker said...

I know George Brazee, I'm dating his youngest daughter. This man is a master on what ever he built. You should see his 51' Chevy Flatbed he customized. The woodwork is utterly amazing and won EVERY show it was in. And yes folks, he's still kickin.