Monday, November 7, 2011

New Jersey Junk

Today I came across two separate reports of rusty Crosleys that are rotting away in the wilds of New Jersey.  First up was this CC sedan that HAMB user 'Lazlobasset' found mouldering into the dirt.  Car looks pretty straight and complete (note that the front badge is still there!) but I suspect the interior may not be as good as the rest.
The same spot had this half-a-CD. This one looks too far gone to be anything but yard art, but those grill bars seem to be pretty straight.  The owner of these (and a field of other neat stuff, like Cushman scooters) has been priced out of the area so these cars are for sale and will presumably be moving along soon.
On the Crosley Gang Yahoo Group, 'racerpete' posted some pics of a CD Crosley station wagon he found last weekend on top of an old delivery truck at a show at a South Jersey junkyard.  Hard to tell much from the photos, but since it's got roll up windows it may have been a 'Super' model.  That's an original 'flat top' hub cap, too.
Neat stuff, and good to know that Crosleys are still fertilizing the dirt of my home state...

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