Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hemmings Find: 1950 Crosley Hotshot For Sale in Maine

This clean '50 Hotshot popped up on the Hemmings Blog the other day.  It is supposed to be super solid and runs great.  Sure looks nice in the pictures.
Owner claims it was recently reawakened after a long storage, and that's kinda what it looks like.  Gauges and carpet appear to be faded, and the upholstery could definitely use some attention.  But, the paint looks pretty nice, it's got the accessory doors, and you can't argue with the radio in the dash. On the down side, I'm not sold on the red steering wheel, I think the taillight lenses are wrong and something looks weird about the rear gravel pan.
Seller is asking $7950, which would have been nuts just a couple of years ago, but prices on these have been going up.  I'd want to know if the floors and sills look as good as the rest of the car, and if it has the top assembly, but it might be worth a call for an East Coaster who knows how to haggle.


d a v i d e said...

I saw it on hemmings. So the prices are definitely going up, but do they actually sell?

Ol' Man Foster said...

Hit and miss. It wasn't long ago that $6K was tops for a nicely restored Crosley roadster. Other postwar Crosleys might go for upwards of $5K.

These days an exceptionally nice Hot Shot can go for $8-10K and exceptional CC and CD models can go in the same range. That does depend on the desirability- sedans tend to be a bit cheaper since they were fairly commmon. The wagons seem to go for a bit more even though they are more common- but they are sort of the iconic model of the Crosley brand, so I think more people want them. Pickups,
as I mentioned in my ebay listing, go for big bucks because they are rare and really really neat.

Short story is, yes, they sell. If this one had a $5K 'buy it now' on Ebay it'd probably sell. I'm not sure it's gonna go at nearly $8000, but I'm betting there's some wiggle room in that price.