Saturday, May 28, 2011

Enrico Nardi, A Fast Life

I've been drooling over this book (via the internet) pretty much since the day it was published - at $80 plus shipping that's all I could afford to do.  It came out just as I was editing a Tin Block Times article about the Crosley-powered Nardis, so I was already getting a little bit obsessed with them. I figured I'd find a used copy or a sale, but after two years of looking, nada.  So, tonight I finally bit the bullet and ordered a copy after I had the grim realization that once it goes out of print it'll cost me three times as much.

Two hundred pages and over 300 photos means I'm pretty sure I'll be getting my money's worth, and the few reviews I've seen have been raves.  Speaking of, has anybody else noticed this new video 'book review' trend?  it's odd, and the 'reviewer' for the Nardi book seems way more cranky than he should be - he probably got his for FREE!

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