Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crosley Super Sport at Bridgehampton 1951

Don't know how I missed this killer footage of the 1951 Bridgehampton Sports Car races that was posted on the Chicane racing blog, but I did. It's a very brief (minute and a half) movie, but we do get a nice shot of a Super Sport doing a spinout into the hay at about the one minute mark.

Looking for info on the race I also found a different batch of footage of the same day, but the Crosley appears only briefly - in the initial take off of the 100 mile main event. If there's not much screen time for the SS, both flicks do feature plenty of footage of Tommy Cole in his winning Chrysler-Allard. No surprise there - Allards were the car to beat in that era.  In a coincidence, Fritz Koster, co-driver of the Crosley Hotshot that won Sebring in 1950 was also in this race, this time driving an HRG.  He came in 10th.

Minutia IDs the driver of the Super Sport as Steve Lansing and says he came in 14th place, so he must have finished the event. That's pretty impressive for a Crosley in a hundred mile race, even if he hadn't danced with a hay bail. In poking around for a complete entry list I saw that the indefatigable Cliff Reuter had the program cover posted on his Eteterini site. 
Thanks to the folks at Minutia for the tip - I'd have missed this one if they hadn't featured it!

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