Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Special Alert for Crosley Racing Engines!

Dick Duncan is heading up a group of Crosley racing enthusiasts who are looking to have a run of high strength crankcase-to-block bolts specially made for use in high HP Crosley engines.   A group of Hmod racers had a set of these run five or so years ago, but they have been unobtainable for some time.  They're not cheap, but would be well worth the price if you're planning on turning 7500+ RPMs, like the Liebherr Bonneville Special above (Thanks to John McKnight for the photo!)

If you are interested in a set, the details (from Dick) are as follows: 

1) They will make any quantity we want, price depends on the quantity. 

2) The last order placed was in 2004 for 300 bolts, (30 sets @10 / engine), the price was $17 / bolt.

3)  The best estimate of current price is approximately $20 / bolt or $200 / set at the above quantity.

4)  The question is, how much individual interest is there in purchasing these sets. It appears that there are none from the two previous orders available for sale.   

5)  To firm the quoted price, we need an indication of who is interested in obtaining one or more sets. This needs to be a serious commitment so if you are interested at a price of up to say $250 / set let me know. As before, Don is not making any profit on this and sales tax will not be involved if we have them shipped outside CA.

6)  If you want to be involved in the proposed order, please contact me, Dick Duncan, by Email or phone and give me your name, number of sets you want (at up to $250 / set) and your phone number and Email address no later than Monday, June 22.            

7) We will use that list and count to get the firm quotation on price and delivery. Each person on the list will be advised of the quoted price and, assuming it is $250 or less per set, be asked to submit his firm order and a 50% non refundable  down payment. If we have anyone who decides they do not want to take delivery of their order, the excess product  will be put onEbay with a reserve price of 50% of the actual price. For the record, neither Don nor I are interested in paying for or stocking excess inventory or making money on this transaction. I am trying to fill my own and others needs and Don is being helpful as always. 

I hope this is not too complicated or confusing, it seems to me to be a reasonable way to work through the situation and solve a problem. Look forward to hearing from interested parties. Thanks for your patience and thanks to Don for his willingness to help out. I have it on good authority that there is no truth to the rumor that he is pulling the Panhard mill to install a hot Crosley. Please feel free to share this information with anyone who might have an interest, obviously, the larger the order the lower the price. 

Dick Duncan 
Email: MGVADick  at aol dot com 
Phone (925) 864-8309

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