Wednesday, June 24, 2009

East Coast Bargain HotShot

Just noticed this 1950 HotShot for sale on the Philadelphia Craigslist.  Seller claims 23K miles and says that the car runs well but 'drives like a 60 year old car.'  Ah, don't they all.  From the dash I'm guessing that the car was originally yellow, and it looks like the primer may be showing through the paint in places.
The car comes with the accessory doors, new tires, battery and gas tank and has a radio in the dash, although it may not to be working at the moment.  Seller includes a few extras including a heater and manual.
Overall the car looks clean and straight, and if there isn't a bunch of rust or bondo hiding underneath this looks like a no-brainer at $4000.  If it was a mountain range or two closer to the left coast I'd probably be writing a check myself.

Here's a link to more photos and a cool video of the car on the road.

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Ol' Man Foster said...

Sold!... for full price today