Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pete Berard, 1939-2016

Sad to say that another longtime member of the Crosley fraternity has passed: Pete Berard of Valdosta, GA died June 23 while recovering from a stroke.

I never met Pete in person, but he was an active member of the Crosley Gang, the Yahoo bulletin board that serves as the main online community for the Crosley Auto Club.  Pete bought his first Crosley back in the fifties - that's him and his then-future wife Julie in his Hot Shot circa 1960.

Pete did his military service and then settled in Valdosta, starting a foreign auto shop.  He loved to share tales about the oddball cars he'd worked on in his shop, or had owned himself.  A glutton for punishment, he loved Crosleys AND British sports cars!

Pete kept up his love of Crosleys - and Julie - for the rest of his life. Sure seemed like a great guy, and I'm sorry I never got to hear his stories in person.  Another good man gone.

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