Monday, April 18, 2016

1949 Crosley Craigslist Tilt-Up Funny Car

Did you buy this crazy tilt-up funny car project?  I missed out on posting this while the CL posting was still active, but I grabbed some of the pictures off the listing because it was too good not to save.

Someone started a VERY ambitious project that could have resulted in one crazy Crosley (OK, this ALREADY IS one crazy Crosley, just an unfinished one.)
Some of the hard work is done- they've fabricated a hefty frame, and a 9" rear axle has been narrowed and is in place.  Seller says that the car had a 350/350 combo at one point, but the engine and tranny are long gone.  That's OK, since you've got to be nuts to take on this project anyway, why not put in a quirkier (and lighter) motor, like a Pontiac Tempest aluminum V8 or a Buick Fireball V6?
I would LOVE to see this thing completed, but I know there are a very limited number of folks out there with the patience - and insanity - to take something like this on.  Heck, I'd love to see it as-is.  I'm really hoping this thing shows up at a West Coast meet one day (it was in Porterville, California), and since the posting is gone, maybe someone really did buy it.

Fingers crossed!

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