Thursday, June 13, 2013

Guess Who's Going to the Great Pacific Northwest MicroCar Extravaganza, June 14-16

Just firmed up plans to make a quick trip north to check out the Great Pacific Northwest MicroCar Extravaganza that will take place in Forest Grove, Oregon this weekend!

I've wanted to go to this annual show for years but have never managed to make it happen - this time my luck is good: my pal Dave 'Smith' was planning a roundtrip to Portland this weekend before he heads off to parts unknown in his continuing quest to drive a 1966 Ducati 250 around the world.  He hasn't actually driven the Ducati any further than the local Kwik-E-Mart in a few years, but hey, a man's gotta dream.  His blog about his (mis)adventures can be funny as hell but is not for the faint of heart.
Like me, Dave has microcar fever, such that he currently owns a 1963 NSU Sport Prinz and is making deals to acquire three more NSU cars in the month or so before he leaves US soil.  Then, they can gather dust while he works in Saudi Arabia or Korea or Beijing or somewhere, salting away cash to extend his global Ducati assault.

In any case, he was eager to check out the MicroCar Extravaganza and even more eager to visit his girl in Portland before he flies off into the sunset.  I'm stoked to split driving duties and sleep on his girlfriend's couch, so if all goes well I'll be posting from the show soon.  MicroCars ahoy!

*photo on top is from a great Flickr page from last year's event... check it out here!

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