Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quality Crosleys at Barrett-Jackson

I never know what to think about the Crosleys that occasionally go across the carpet at the big auto auctions.  One would assume that they'd be the cream of the crop, especially given the prices some of them go for... but the truth is that some of them have been downright unimpressive.

I'm happy to say that's not the case with
the offerings on tap at the next Barrett-Jackson auction.  These are some of the nicest-appearing Crosleys I've seen anywhere.

The blue '52 Super Wagon at the top of the post is really a beautiful car - paint and detailing seem to be flawless.  I'm curious if the 'automatic transmission' listing is a goof - sure looks like the stock shifter to me, and I'd think they'd mention what the conversion was from since Crosley never had a stock automatic.
This green '50 was featured in Hemmings Collectible Car magazine and I'm fairly sure I saw it offered for sale earlier in the year.  Appears to be a very nice amateur resto - probably very close to what rolled out of the factory back in the day.
The ad lists this '47 convertible as one of the nicest Crosleys in existence - sure seems like it.  Very accurate restoration, plus a Braje-equipped motor.  It's only covered 96 miles since the restoration, so there may be some teething problems that haven't surfaced yet, but then I'm always paranoid about break-in periods.
Because of the war, most 1942 US cars are scarce - but 1942 Crosleys are rare.  They made barely over 1000 before ceasing production, and because of wartime rationing of gas and tires, those cars were DRIVEN -  a car that got four times the mileage of other pre-war cars was in high demand.  This one looks stunning and about as correct as you are ever going to find.. a really nice car.   

I'll be very curious to see where the prices end up on these... the auctions usually go quite a bit above what I see similar cars sell for on the regular market, so we may see some records set!

h/t to Jerry Summey of the Crosley Gang for the tip!

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