Friday, September 28, 2012

Crosley TQ Midget for sale in SoCal - $1200

Interesting ad for a Crosley 3/4 Midget Race Car for sale on the LA CL.  Pictures are so bad that the seller must have taken that "How Not to Sell Your Car" class - it looks like the car has been recently painted but who really knows.  Engine does have speed equipment and he claims it's been hotted up with a big cam.

Same seller also has a 1937 Austin for sale - you can see it (sorta) in the background but here's a pic from the other ad.
Interesting pair -could be gold for the ambitious Crosley enthusiast!  $1200 for the TQ, $4K for the Austin, located in Menifee, CA, outside of Temecula.


Atown said...

I came across your site when doing some research on a 1949 Crosley CD I have found for sale...if you'd be open to a few questions would you mind emailing me at teresaduffy at Thank you.

Ol' Man Foster said...

Will do!