Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crosley-Powered HMod in Alabama - $800!

Just came across this Crosley-based Hmod for sale in Birmingham Alabama for $800.  It's rough, but complete, and at that price you pretty much can't lose.
I don't recognize the body, so it could be a one-off homebuilt, or a heavily modified version of one of the familiar fiberglass-body kits like Glasspar or Almquist.  It's claimed to be 61 years old which would mean that it was built in 1959- from the styling that date seems about right.
It's not pretty at the moment, but with some imagination and a lotta elbow grease this could be a real showstopper.  If it was closer I'd have already driven out to take a look.   Seller's number is 2O5 54O 7556.


Darrell Wilhelm said...

Not the most attractive front-end design... I'd put an early-50s Rambler grille in it to give it more of a Siata, Nardi or OSCA look to go with the body lines.

Still a cool car, and if it were on the West Coast, you and I would both be fighting over it.

igrout said...

awful lot of cool for $800!