Monday, August 23, 2010

1951 Crosley Super Sport for Sale (Again)

If you were a member of the West Coast Crosley Club you'd have seen this 1951 Super Sport for sale in our classifieds a few months back for nearly 2K less than the opening bid on Ebay today. And, that $7500 opener is the minimum bid, but at that price the reserve's still not met... so the seller is actually asking more. Shees - for the price bump you'd think he could have at least registered the car in California.I've seen this car in person, but it's been a while - Ardell Johnson (the guy who owned it up until a few months ago) usually brings his Super station wagon to the Club meets. Ardell always does a good job with his cars, so I suspect this is as nice as it looks in these pictures. I have to admit that there was a minute there when he told me that this car was for sale that I thought of jettisoning my project '51 Super Sport and just buying this. I know I'll have more than Johnson's $6K asking price into my car if/when I ever get it finished, but somehow I'm just not ready to call it quits on the project yet.  (Because I'm an idiot?)
I am a bit perplexed when sellers who've just gotten a car imply in their ads that they've had it a long time. Won't the buyer ask about the car's history? I always do. Is it just me? And the buyer'll find out anyway as soon as they see the paperwork. This seller's pitch isn't too bad, but, "It's a great little car that I'll miss very much" kinda implies that he's owned it longer than the lifespan of a brine shrimp.
Blah blah blah. Nice car, hope it goes to a good home... I'll be curious to see if it meets reserve.

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Ol' Man Foster said...

Sold! one bid at $7500, meaning that the seller must have removed the reserve.