Thursday, March 18, 2010

Man, That's Cheap

I don't know much about this 1948 sedan for sale in Vermont- seller says it has new tires, runs, the floors are good and there are a few dents. It also has a boat gas tank- a lil trick that kept my '49 convertible going for years. At $1500 seems like you'd be hard pressed to go wrong. And for the newbies- that hood ornament ain't rare, it's wrong.
Certainly puts this Phoenix, AZ ad for a 1948 sedan in a different light. Seller claims 30,000 original miles (not all that unusual for a Crosley, actually), but the five year old photos, lack of interior photos, missing hub caps (and is that a missing rear window?) don't exactly inspire confidence... especially when the asking price is triple that of the Vermont car. Maybe it's Braje equipped and the interior is really nice and we just aren't seeing it. Great color.
Those do look like CA plates, so it appears to have had a history of living in the dry country. Sedans are awfully cool- I'd never been that excited about them until I saw Dave Wheeler's Slo Cal Special at a meet a few years back- the economy of design in the sedans is really a thing of beauty.


Ol' Man Foster said...

Both gone. That was quick!

Anonymous said...

I think that blue one was back in ebay this past week