Wednesday, April 1, 2009

29th Annual SouthWest Unique Little Car Show, April 3-4

I'm stuck in Norcal this weekend, but you mid and south staters might want to head out to Commerce, CA to check out the 29th Annual SouthWest Unique Little Car Show. Try as I might I've never been able to make this show, but the reports I've gotten from those who have say it is a great event. All sorts of fun stuff shows up, including (but not limited to) Crosleys, Isettas, Berkeleys, Messerschmitts, DAFs, Fiats, and- since it's sponsored by the Metropolitan Club- many Metropolitans. Bay Area and other NorCal types might mark their calendars for the Arcane Auto Society's Annual Meet in SF on April 11. That I have been to and it is a hoot.

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